I just love everything about marijuana.

April 7th
April 6th stonerfaq:

A bowl shared, is a bowl loved
March 29th weedporndaily:

Currently Smokin’. ⌛️💨💨 by strictlyloud http://ift.tt/1gNJkF5
March 29th weedporndaily:

#SourGrapeKush for all you headband lovers out there. This is a very strong sour grapefruit smell on top of that classic headband. Awesome stuff here! by the_medical_mitten http://ift.tt/NEj9oO
March 19th memeliblog:

March 19th
March 14th its420somehow:


Maui Wowie harvest, gonna stuff hella joints with these bad boys

i want a sandbox full of it.
March 6th
March 6th sharringlifewithgoodfriends:

Dense, frosty, sweet smelling-yet piney-nug$ of Grape Ape and Silverhaze from my local weed man
March 6th incredible-kush:

The dabweb