I just love everything about marijuana.

July 19th princesssofz:

Better than Christmas
July 16th nickijuana:

July 15th weedporndaily:

Sherbert #3 soaking in gavita rays almost week 6by tko_organics http://ift.tt/1xOkHPo
July 13th
July 12th princesssquibby:


Tiny bowl before I snuggle in for the night.
I wish you all could join me.

omg. over 50 notes. biggest internet accomplishment yet.
July 12th 
wanna sesh?
July 12th gayletruly:

after who knows how many bowls
July 11th weedporndaily:

by spaceboundanddown http://ift.tt/1o43Ke5
July 10th goodvibesandpandahighs:


most beautiful lighter I’ve ever seen

That joint tho๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ rolled to perfection
July 8th weedporndaily:

Good Morning!!! by trichomeheavyextracts http://ift.tt/1mJRjBB